Dale DeGroff’s Bitters


Dale DeGroff’s Pimento Aromatic Bitters

We would like to think that everyone has heard of Dale DeGroff but from experience, we know this is not necessarily so.

Here’s Dale’s Craft of the Cocktail Book and here is Dale’s Website.

As Ian Cameron (Class Magazine 13/09/12) points out:

“Hey, he practically invented the bar” and “He’s arguably the most famous living bartender in the world…..”

It was some time back when Dale got frustrated that he could not find that ‘particular’ Pimento flavour that he was after for his drinks. Fortunately for us, Dale is friends with Ted Breaux Master Distiller Extraordinaire of  Jade Liqueurs and Absinthe fame. So they decided to team up. Dale sought a very specific Pimento flavour profile while Ted has a geek’s attention to detail, making  only authenticly hand crafted, small batch products. A perfect fit! As Francine Cohen quite correctly points out in Review: Inside F. & B. we now get to talk about Dale and Ted’s Excellent Adventure!


After much research and sample batches going back and forth between Dale and Ted – Dale DeGroff’s Pimento Aromatic Bitters were born. We’ve since been lucky enough to try the Bitters in many drinks and think they are an essential ingredient to any bartenders armoury. Dale recommends using his Bitters in these cocktails.



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