St Nicholas Abbey Rum

St. Nicholas Abbey in Barbados creates rums of exceptional quality and provenance reflective of its 350-year heritage.  Handcrafted in the tradition of those who came before us, our rums preserve a distinctive history of a simpler place and time. Made from sugar cane grown on the plantation and crushed in the 1890 steam mill to create a syrup commonly known as ‘sugar cane honey’, the rums age on the plantation to create spirits unmatched by any other.



The white rum is made from sugar cane syrup fermented in our pot and column still, Annabelle, producing the original Barbadian ‘see-through’ rum of years gone by. The fresh, clean spirit sits in stainless steel for 3 months before bottling to ensure optimum flavour retention of the esters in the rum.

This rum is not chill filtered as to retain the full flavour profile of the esters to give it a traditional and authentic white rum flavour; in colder climes the rum may appear slightly cloudy as a result.

Appearance: Crystal Clear in warm climes

On the Nose: Marshmallows! Pungent with fresh aromatic grassiness, banana fruits, and vanilla ice cream

Taste: Slight Sweetness. Creamy Fudge, raisins, vanilla and hazelnuts with freshly cut grass and light tropical fruits and overripe banana

Finish: Raisin, liquorice and over ripe banana




This is a new generation of Barbados rum! Hallmarking the birth of future rums made on the St. Nicholas Abbey plantation, the 5 year old rum is made from our white rum, aged in old bourbon barrels that previously contained our longer aged molasses rums.

Appearance: Clear, pale and golden

On the Nose: Vanilla, mocha coffee and hazelnut with wildly fruity notes

Taste: Mocha coffee, vanilla fudge, dried grass and white pepper

Finish: Vanilla fudge, liquorice and white pepper




The 12 year old rum is a molasses based rum taken straight from the barrel and aged at St. Nicholas at bottle strength. The final product is a fine example of what excellent ex-bourbon white oak barrels can produce.

Appearance: Clear light golden amber

On the Nose: Spicy, with cinnamon, fudge, vanilla, milk chocolate and a whiff of tobacco

Taste: Medium bodied with dried fruit, bitter orange and five spice

Finish: Notes of apple emerge in the spicy tobacco with a silky finish




St. Nicholas Abbey’s single cask rum is unlike any other available. Our maxim “Quality and Tradition” is the hallmark of this fine rum and with limited stocks it truly is a rare vintage not to be seen again.

Appearance: Clear golden amber

On the Nose: Spicy, with cinnamon, fresh pine needles, fudge, vanilla, and a strong whiff of tobacco

Taste: Medium bodied with dried currants, peaches, zesty orange, spice and cinnamon

Finish: Notes of nutmeg, cinnamon spice and a buttery mélange of fruit and brown sugar with a long smooth silky finish